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      Ecological Impact

      As an international e-commerce business, we're aware that processes such as production and shipping leave their mark on the planet that we all share.

      We are determined to leave as little impact as possible to the environment.

      This is why we're so proud to announce that we've joined forces with HandPrint, strengthening the East Java Green Shield in Situbondo North Island, Indonesia!

      How it works

      1% of each order goes to support the reforestation of the East Java Green Shield, Situbondo North Island, Indonesia. By doing this, we help the NGO Yayasan Gajah Sumatera in their effort to preserve this magnificent ecosystem.

      What difference does a mangrove tree make? Mangrove trees capture massive amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, and then trap and store them in their carbon-rich flooded soils for millennia. This way, between 400-500 kg of C02 get absorbed over the lifetime of a tree. The magic of mangroves.

      This first project aims to reforest about 8.45 hectares of degraded land with mangrove trees by June 2021. This requires the planting of over 21,000 new trees. Every dollar helps - every order helps. With 1.2 USD we can plant a new tree. We're confident that we can do it - if we all work together!

      "There's no Planet B!"

      Reduce C02 emissions

      Mangrove forests capture massive amounts of carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, and then trap and store them in their carbon-rich flooded soils for millennia.

      Reduce Erosion

      Dense mangrove roots help bind and build soils. Their above-ground roots slow down water flows and encourage sediment deposits that reduce coastal erosion

      Improve filtration

      The complex mangrove root systems filter nitrates, phosphates and other pollutants from the water, improving the water quality flowing from rivers and streams into the estuarine and ocean environment.

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